Integral Breath Therapy               
Every change of mental state is reflected first in the breath and then in the body. 
~ Deepak Chopra ~


INTEGRAL BREATH THERAPY IS A HIGHLY PERSONAL, experiential process that uses specific breathing techniques to clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks or stresses.  This is a safe and proven method of utilizing simple breathing practices to quickly and easily enter into a non-ordinary state of consciousness.  This trance state allows unconscious and previously repressed thoughts and emotions to rise to the surface for release and integration.

INTEGRAL BREATH THERAPY IS BASED on an ancient eastern principles and further explained by modern Western scientific methods. Various focused breathing techniques are used to induce a relaxation response,  inhibited breathing patterns, release negative emotional energy and  future stress response, channel vital energy or life force, and stimulate self from past experiences, and improve awareness.


INTEGRAL BREATH THERAPY WORKS on the principal that there is a direct connection between the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical well being and the openness of the breath.  The use of breathing techniques produces a self generated altered state of consciousness that can  be used in much the same way as hypnosis with the client directing the process.  Experiences range from deep physical relaxation, emotional release, psychological understanding and expanded spiritual experiences.

The simple act of daily breathing is the ultimate healer,
but it is neglected, taken for granted and inhibited.
~ unknown ~



EVERY CHANGE OF MENTAL STATE IS REFLECTED first in the breath and then in the body. Breathing is a key ingredient in physical, emotional and mental health.  It is a grossly underestimated source of life giving, healing and purifying energy.  A change in breathing creates a change in chemistry,  physiology and biology.  It is essential for physical and psychological well being that our breathing is optimal. 


As the foundation level of the Integration Process, INTEGRAL BREATH THERAPY IS A POWERFUL ENERGY THERAPY.    It uses the mind body connection to access “the story” and its underlying, unresolved issues   Medical findings published by the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology reveal that our most deeply held beliefs about life are formed by decisions made before the age of one year.   Breath Therapy heals the deepest wounds and traumas, including those related to our birth experience and first years of life.


INTEGRAL BREATH THERAPY IS AN IDEAL adjunct to psychotherapy, personal  development stress management or spiritual growth.  Breath Therapy is emerging as a valuable tool among the helping profession and provides an opportunity for deep healing and integration, creating a sense of unity with self and others.  


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In my four years at Harvard Medical School ...I learned nothing about the healing power of breath.  I learned about the anatomy of the respiratory system; I learned about the diseases of the respiratory system but I learned nothing about the breath as the connection between the conscious and the unconscious mind, or the doorway to control the autonomic nervous system, or breath as a technique for controlling anxiety and regulating mental states, or the possibility that breath represents the movement of spirit in the body, and that breathwork can be a primary means of raising spiritual awareness.  All of theses ideas I learned in other ways...

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.,
Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, University of AZ - Tucson


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