Integration Process workshops

Integration Process workshops have a body centered approach using breath, movement, and process exercises to bridge the gap between ... thoughts and feelings ... the body and the mind.  Going underneath the stories and repetitive dramas, belief systems are revealed along with the intention for their existence.  Old patterns are identified, explored and replaced with healthy patterns of emotional and behavioral expression. 


The workshops are designed around a framework that allows the participant to work at whatever level they are in their personal development.  The materials presented allow them to personalize an issue so that the work is practical and relevant to what is happening in their lives at the moment.  The objective is to create a safe place for them to look inside and then be supported while they do to reclaim what has been disowned.  Each program is divided into a beginning, middle and an end or resolution segment.  Each workshop comes with additional materials and an audiotape to continue the work of self-exploration. 

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These workshops and related programs are appropriate for those beginning or continuing their personal journey.  It is especially useful during periods of transition, personal growth, for physical / emotional stress or as an adjunct to psychotherapy. 

If you have a center or a Private Therapy Practice and are interested in sponsoring a workshop for the public, please contact Carol at 877-491-3355 or direct office line 520-544-0619