Who We Are

Our Mission: “We believe each person carries the potential for greatness; the expression is unique to each person. Our mission is to hold this vision for you until you can connect to it within yourself.” Founder – Carol A. Lampman

Our Vision: To create a network of qualified professionals and teachers to bring forth the transformation and healing modalities of The integration Process and Integral Breath Therapy.


  • Holistic Therapist

  • Certified Breathwork Instructor

  • Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Release Therapist

With Training In:Hypno-Behavioral Therapy, Reichian Process Work, Integrative, Cathartic, Rebirthing Breathwork, The Hendricks Body Centered Transformation Method.

A rare and unique individual, Carol’s natural healing presence along with her therapeutic sensitivity and remarkable wisdom inspire ideals of love, compassion and faith from deep within us. Her presence attracts and honors individuals seeking personal transformation, higher awareness and healing. She is a dynamic teacher and mentor known for creating safe and sacred spaces for the process of healing and growth.

Carol is an acknowledged speaker and educator, and has presented programs, trainings and workshops for the public in the US, France Italy, Spain, Venezuela and Israel. She maintains a prominent role in the professional community as a facilitator of personal transformation techniques. Her dynamic personality combined with humor and deep respect for the work of the participants has allowed her to establish a strong foundation of support among her peers and colleagues.

Carol’s life experience with childhood trauma and her early medical background working with catastrophically ill children sparked her interest in the mind body connection, the emotional process, and its overall relationship to health and wholeness. Carol focused her training on the interconnection and unification of the body. Carol developed Integral Breath Therapy ™ Integration Process Therapy Trainings for health care professionals. Using workshops for the public, individual and group work, she specializes in personal growth and development, stress management, somatic / health issues and self empowerment.


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