The Leadership Program 


This program was created for those who have attended Integral Breath Therapy Level One, Advanced and Master’s Training Programs with us. The purpose for this program is to create a space for continued personal, professional, and spiritual development in a supportive, community environment.  There is a strong desire within the members of this group to the continue the journey of embodying the authentic self and allow it to emerge into its full potential.  


By using psycho-spiritual principles, we continue to explore what blocks us from being who we truly are and manifesting our desires.  Through the use of the breath, processes, exercises, contemplation, and mutual support, we create a link between the levels of our human experience and strengthens the heart of the healer.  The intention of the spiritual quest is to discover the power of your Inner Self and experience this Truth within. You cannot find it anywhere but within yourself, but once you discover it within yourself, you can find it everywhere.    

This next level brings us into our Authenticity and allows us to step into Leadership roles in our communities. Refining our leadership abilities and demonstrating them will allow others to see our potential. As we embody our leadership qualities, we give ourselves and others a glimpse of our capabilities.  This alters the dynamics of our relationships and attracts new and expanded opportunities.

The Leadership group meets twice a year for 3 and 1/2 days.  The Spring Meeting is held in Phoenix / Tucson, Arizona area and the Fall Meeting takes place in upstate New York. 

What happens in Leadership? We continue to work with the following:

  • Spiritual Breathing and Pranayama

  • Ego, Soul, and Shadow work 

  • Spiritual Issues and Psychospiritual Processes

  • Spiritual Direction in Community

  • Repatterning our Energetic System

  • Dance, Movement, and Playfulness

  • Exploration and Integration of unwanted parts of ourselves

  • Inspiration, Expansion, and Clarity of Personal Vision

  • Meditation, Contemplation, and Spiritual Practices

  • Divine Energetic Resonance and Claiming Authenticity

  • Actualize Your Spiritual Potential

  • Personal Renewal and Community Support

  • And more…

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