IBT Training – Level Two

Advanced Component - Provides the tools and techniques for working one on one in the water, facilitating groups, and using music.


The purpose of this training is to teach advanced Breathing techniques, work more directly with the energy of the body, the importance of using water to resolve birth trauma, making the connection between birth and relationships, understand the healing power of music, clear and release personal issues at a deeper level. The additional skills presented add a new dimension to your practice as you expand your understanding of the process. Participation requires attendance at Integral Breath Therapy Training Level One.

This program encompasses:

Pre and peri-natal birth psychology

  • Imprints and Birth

  • Healing and Birth Trauma

  • Birth and Relationships

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Therapy in Water

  • Warm Water for adults and children

  • Cold water sessions for adults

The Energies of Transformation

  • Emotional Release and Integration

  • Energy Therapy and the Chakra System

Advanced Principles and Techniques

  • Facilitating the Corrective Experience

  • Movement Exercises

  • Principles of Working with Groups

Issues of Life and Death

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  • The Unconscious Death Urge

  • Spiritual Psychology

  • Reclaiming Authentic Power

Principles of Holotropic Therapy

  • The Healing Power of Music

  • Piecing of Music for Sessions

  • Jung’s Mandala / Art Therapy

Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable but can be applied toward future programs. Room and Board additional and varies depending on hosting facility.