Your Authentic Self

By Carol A. Lampman

Our journey through life can lead us to surprising and unexpected destinations. Life as in nature has no straight lines. It is overflowing with corners, curves, dips, and unpredictable twists and turns. In life you might find yourself on a straight route for a period of time, but don’t expect it to last. Up ahead there may be a sudden detour and you could find yourself going off in a completely different direction, backtracking, or moving into virgin territory. At some point in time, life will bring each of us to the point of dealing with the necessity to alter, modify or adjust ourselves in response to life’s circumstances. How you cope with this depends on your interpretation of change and your relationship to the experience.

There are times when change comes about through difficult situations which cause us to interrogate ourselves about our choices and the underlying motives. Asking, “What did I miss?” or “What went wrong?” We wonder if we have made a mistake. Often we feel defeated, angry or victimized by the experience. Sometimes we slip into the blame game, placing the responsibility onto God, life or someone else for what has happened. How do you react when you are challenged in this way? For those on the spiritual path, these doubts can be very challenging and anxiety provoking. What is true here is that contained in this experience is an opportunity to grow, learn and evolve. When change comes, it is an invitation to raise your consciousness, reclaim your power, and become more of your authentic self.

This potential for transformation needs you to stop, be still and go inside to reflect and reassess. Once I had a dream of waiting with my car at a four way stop intersection. There was no traffic going in any direction. I was there good- naturedly polishing the chrome and the windows of the car until they sparkled. I could leave at any time but it was clear I was waiting for instructions. I was not in any hurry. I was whistling and waiting patiently. I was fully confident I would be guided at the right time to the right place. In the dream it made perfect sense but in life, it is not always so simple or clear.

The exploration and validation of intuition is a unique process for each individual. To find your personal truth around this, contemplate the following questions. “Is what I think, feel or hear as guidance the true promptings of my higher self?” “Can I identify without a doubt the whisperings of my soul?” When you desire to know the real truth, you must look even deeper. How do you know for sure the cleaver, seductive ego is simply telling you what you want to hear or casting a shadow over the reality? The message may simply be an unconscious expression of the fragmented ego based on fear, pride, or grandiosity.

The human ego is a powerful, controlling force made up of many diverse identities and voices that comprise our personalities. The ego thinks it knows everything and is convinced “it” is the totality of who we are. This is a lie. The ego’s survival is based on the ability to keep us isolated or separate from our true nature. The essential need of the ego is to satisfy its desires and cravings based on our personal view of reality. Made up of limiting beliefs, dysfunctional behaviors, repetitive patterns, and distorted memories from the past, this reality is an illusion.

Many of the messages we hear are designed to maintain the grip of the ego over the divine aspect of ourselves. Its power and strength is not to be underestimated, especially when it is faced with the tremendous growth potential present during times of change. It will fight hard because to lose is to die. As we address directly our distorted and sabotaging beliefs, release fear and judgment and heal the physical body, our divine connection strengthens. Step by step, the projections fall away, power is reclaimed and self esteem is restored. As we intentionally work and clear our personal issues, the more conscious and aware we become. We develop the ability to see and avoid the pitfalls and distractions that wait for us on the path.

The journey to the “Authentic Self” is the process of becoming perfect, whole and complete just as we are. The work we do with the breath supports the connection to spirit and gives access to the unconscious levels of our existence. This natural, organic process is the fast track to the destination as we move into the brightness of authenticity. Through the integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, our hearts open wide and love begins to flow. Transformation occurs, reconnecting us with our purity and innocence. This enables us to trust the connection with our guidance system as our “knowing” has taken its rightful place. Our ability to listen and differentiate truth from non truth is the gift of faith. Every experience we encounter and each person we meet is viewed from a perspective of love and light. Yes, the journey continues but it is richer and more rewarding as we gracefully surrender to the flow of life. It is only by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.

IdentityCarol Lampman